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Massage Bed

Relaxing Space for Your Massage

Nestled in a conveniently located front home-based office, Crystal Springs Massage Therapy features a warm, clean, and soothing environment to melt away your stress and tension. Our venue has high quality linens, soft blankets, aromatic scented candles (only) if desired, and the option for calming background music.

Stress Relief Zone

After a stressful day, allow us to handily dispense with your stress when you enter the “Relief Zone.” Wash your stress away with skillful massage techniques, our aromatic plants and oils, or apply pressure by working out all of your muscles. With excellent customer service, we take great pride in offering you the individualized attention you deserve, using only the finest quality oils and professional techniques.

Enter A Cozy Place at the end of Long Day

Whether you’ve been skiing, running, hiking, snow-shoeing, working out at the gym, or simply had a long day at work or at the office, we can help you feel better fast. Our cozy, intimate location and inviting ambiance will be a refreshing breath of air for you. Choose your medium of: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian strokes, Trigger Point, or Pregnancy Massage therapy to ease your tension or stresses.
Receive a massage today to immediately lower stress, make winter blues disappear, decrease depression, and dissipate anxiety (research shows massage therapy increases serotonin and dopamine levels). Unwind from the pressures of life, increase feelings of well being, and relax after a long, hard day!